Awareness of the idiot – bring your Clown

Awareness of the idiot
Clown workshop on GutAlaune with Richard
August Wednesday 23rd – Friday 25th

This year we have started hosting workshops on Gut Alaune. Starting with a fantastic choir workshop in May with Naomi, followed by an Erasmus plus two week Acrobatic sharing organised by Felix. Now it time to bring in the Clowns with Richard.

Here are some impressions from the Workshop. A big thanks to everyone involved!!


About the workshop

The workshop is open for anybody, with or without experience in performing. It is a fantastic tool for performers. But also an amazing experience and challenge for understanding yourself and life just a little bit more.
The ideal number for our workshop is 16 participants. So if you are interested please book fast.
The workshop will be taught in English. We will have three days to explore the world of clown.

So what is a clown?
Its impossible to say a definition, there are so many ways to live and look at the clown world. But two things that are true to all theories and the core of this workshop is the unique connection between the audience and the clown and laughter.
The art behind clowning lies in the fantastic idiot hidden deep within us. The sublime ridiculous. Those deep down parts that we have been told to cover up over the many years in this world. Now its time to uncover, to let them shine and to display them with pride. To rediscover the beauty of vulnerability. To open a world true to impulse and laughter, making the audience really laugh at your beautiful idiot.
The pleasure of this idiot is unique for every performer and in this workshop you will learn to discover what makes ‘you’ funny. An exploration into openness and truth of yourself. To be bad, to not understand and to fail, are celebrated and embraced through the pleasure to play in a fun and safe environment. You will develop trust as a group and journey deeper into the work as Richard supports you with clear and playful instructions and provocations.

“A comic is funny because of what he does, a Clown is funny because he is happy with the ‘shit’ he does.”
Philippe Gaulier

“You clown is what your friends laugh at… behind your back!”
– Cal McCrystal

We will explore “The game” What it means to truly play…

“The pleasure of the actor” Where is your pleasure hidden? How can we unlock it, and understand it?
“Group Awareness” Working as part of the whole and our part in the whole
“The body in space and action” – Movement analysis, Understanding our body and its possibilities.
“Stage play” – Working with audience and improvisation,
“Your fantastic ridiculous idiot” – Through group and solo improvisations we will start to understand and see how you are funny.

Get ready to laugh so much your face will hurt. In a beautiful and fun workshop

About the Trainer

Richard Kimberley has been teaching and performing internationally for 10 years. After Traveling for 6 years working with social circus and environmental projects he completed studies with clown guru Philippe Gaulier at his school in France. Majoring in theatre, clown, vaudville & bouffon. Studied clown in Spain with Hernan Gene and Gabriele Chame. Trained Mask Movement theatre in Italy with Matteo Destro and Paula Coletto. Learnt directing and devising techniques f
with ‘Told by and idiots’ Paul Hunter. He continued broadening his clown knowledge and views with SpyMonkeys Aitor Basauri and Vivian Gladwell at Nose to Nose. Along with training pantomime, music, circus, movement and acrobatics.
He is artistic director and producer of Barada Street a street theatre company that performs at theatre & music festivals around the world. He co created and toured with Plague of Idiots in England and Australia.
Through his training and performing Richard has developed an interest in exploring and teaching “awareness”. Of the performer, of the audience, of each other and of course of ones self. His work is fuel by the exploration for games, dreams and vulnerability. The search for where one has pleasure, for where one is beautiful and venerable, why one is special and of course… how to share this with the audience.

Workshop Timetable

9:00 – Breakfast – self serve
10:00 – 1.5 hr Movement & Group work
11:30 – break 30min
12:00 – 2hr – Clown
14:00 – lunch break 2 hrs – Hot meal prepared
16:00 – 2 hr – Clown
19:00 – Dinner – bread, spread and left overs.

Accomodation and workspace

We have limited indoor sleeping space so please bring tents and camping equipment.
We will be working outside in a 10m tent on movement mats.

What to bring

Please bring cloths that are comfortable to move in and something warm.
Costume – please bring a costume that you would wear to make your friends laugh. It can be absolutely anything.

About Gut Alaune

Gut Alaune is an artist project living community is situated near from Halle (Saale) in Germany. 2 mins walk from the river and surrounded by conservation area. We found the land about 1.5 years ago and currently 10 adults and 5 kids are living here. People from various artistic backgrounds. We have spent the last year and half building infrastructure for living. Slowly coming closer to being able to host bigger projects more comfortably. You will be sharing the space with the people living here including families with children. We are open to receive you here, be ready to work together and support each other within our ‘still in building progress’ community space. 😛

Have a look at the place in the video of the intense training for social circus and acrobatics.



105 Euros per person

– Food
– Cook Hire
– Tent Hire
– Workshop leader payment
– Hosting Donation to Gut Alaune

Not included
-Private luxury wants (beer, cigarettes, chocolate etc)

Breakdown of costs per person (calculated on 15 people participating)

Food = 10 euros per day, per person = 30 Total
Cook 3 days = 200 euros = 13 per person
Donation to host Gut Alaune – 3 days = 15 euros
Tent hire 100 three days = 7 Euros per person
Trainer – three days = 40 per person

Per person cost 105 Euros


Please contact Richard – for booking.
With a small letter of why you want to join the workshop.

When you hear confirmation that there is still a place for you. You will be asked to reserve your place with a deposit of 40Euros.

If you have any questions please ask away.

Pop shu pop

& Gut Alaune

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