Rural Circus Lab

Rural Circus Lab wuchs aus dem Interesse junger Menschen im ländlichen Raum Interessierte zum gemeinsamen Erforschen der Zirkuswelt zusammenzubringen.

Das Projekt war ein voller Erfolg und wurde als eins der besten Zirkusprojekte in der Region nominiert. Wir freuen uns auf das nächste Mal!

Der Aufruf und auch die Sprache des Austausches ist Englisch. Bei Fragen kontaktiert Jorge:


What is it about?

It will take place 15th to 23th of September 2019 – 15th in Zaragoza, Spain . The activities will be carried out in ARTmosfera artistic complex, where 24 young people from Germany, Italy, France and Spain, brought together by their passion for circus and scenic arts, will participate during 10 days. The main objective of this project is to increase the knowledge of performing arts among young people by exchanging knowledge and establishing values such as respect, equality, and tolerance with the potential to generate a cultural impact in the region.


The project is oriented at young people who have an interest in performing arts and who belong to organisations from different countries and practicing different circus disciplines. The aim is not only to develop physical fitness and motor skills but also creativity and diverse social skills such as communication, empathy and cooperation.

What kind of Activities?

The activities will be based on the methods of non-formal education, in a continuous, horizontal and non-directed process. The main activities will consist of initiation workshops to different circus disciplines as well as debates and talks about the reality of the performing arts in each of the participants‘ country of origin. After completing the project, all the audiovisual materials generated during the project will be compiled for dissemination. Promoting creativity, exercise and self-awareness through circus acrobatics can guarantee interest and increase healthier lifestyles among young people.

Costs? Important Information?

We will cover the travel costs to the venue, the accommodation and food. We also will provide as much material for the workshops as we can.
Important details for participants:
Participation fee: 50 Euros to be paid in advance to secure your place in the project.
Country of origin:
You need to travel from France, Spain, Italy or Germany to be eligible for this project.
Age Limit: You need to be between 18 to 30 years old to be eligible in this project.
Dates: 15th to 23th of September 2019 – 15th is the arrival day and 23th the departure day.
Where: Zaragoza, Spain
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