With Art on Bikes to the Black Sea

… the cyclists are still sorting out photos in the meantime have a look on their project page (below) for updates…

Dear all out there,

Our Tour starts in one month! Not as recently planed towards Albania – we want to ride our bikes to the Black Sea. We will start in Italy and our plan is to cross Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania along the way.

We are six people in total who will go on the Tour for now. Some of us want to do the whole way from beginning till end and some a certain distance.

And we still welcome new participants – just write us a message and we will try to make it work!

We are looking for you! We would like to go on a tour for a few months and are looking for people who would like to join us. Of course we will be on the way with our bikes and art and instruments. So this tour is gonna be our base for doing projekts together and also follow our own interests during the journey.

We would like it to be a lot about art, but if you don’t have experience in doing art, You can join us anyway. Taking our instruments could be a good starting point for doing a projekt together and could also add up to our traveling money with busking.

The planning hasn’t gone so far yet, We have Albania or the Black Sea as a goal in our minds. But how the tour is going to be depends on the people who are coming with us. So far its two of us. Anne and Carina, both went on a tour like this, but at different times with different people. At that time it was about busking and street theatre/ circus. So now it’s still quite open, It can be painting, drawing, music, theatre,performance…and whatever you have in mind. It’s important for us that there is space for everyone to do whatever she or he likes and also to do things together. We do this tour because we like it to be on a journey with our bikes and to experience how it is like to do art on the way.


We will start in April 2018 and you can come with us all along the way until about the end of Juli or join us for a few weeks.

If this sounds interesting to you, if you would like to know more or just get in contact, you can send us an EMail: eineneuetour@gmx.de. Or have a look at our blog: https://eineneuetour.jimdo.com/ 

Here you can have a look at what happened in the past years: www.jonglirium.com , https://wanderzirkus.jimdo.com/ and https://strassenkunsttour.jimdo.com/ .

At the second weekend in January we’d like to have a first meeting with all the people, that are interested to participate at the tour for a longer time.

If you like, you can send this invitation to all people who could be interested as well!

See you soon,

Anne and Carina


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