EduLarp #6 – Live Action Role Playing

EduLarp – Improvise, Adapt, Overcome! Fantasy and adventure in Swedish nature #6.  18th – 27th July 2021

Using Edu-larp for developing personal resilience in times of crisis?


Have a look at some impressions of last project below to get a feel for the project. Want to know more check the info pack! & contact the host organisations of this project – then if you get the OK from them feel free to fill their questionaire!!



Sweden! Here a short impression of the venue:

Hastekassen is in the process to found a self sustainable ecovillage and learning centre. Finding new ways to re settle the countryside. They experiment with new and traditional ways of building and farming & run a small scale community farm with many activities related to nature and adventure.




18th – 27th July 2021 – We are very flexible on travel dates and methods of travel

18th YE travel day
19th Preparation
20th Preparation
21st Preparation
22nd LARP
23rd LARP
24th LARP
25th Debrief, dissemination
26th Evaluation
27th travel day


We are looking for young people from Sweden, Greece, Poland, Slovenia & Germany (6 Participants per Country) who want to explore Live Action Role Playing and get to know other cultures & tools to create similar events. People have to be between 16 &30 years of age. Due to Corona every single participant must guarantee they have no cough or fever when departing, or any other feeling of sickness.

– do symptom check on all participants on arrival (temperature:fever)
– Planned possible quarantine area, autonomous and secluded from main area.
– Never bigger group meetings than 40 people.
– Less people in big tents, many small one man tents.
– Maintain social distancing.
– Meetings outside as often as possible.
– Disinfection stations at entry/exit, toilets, at eating.
– Eating in groups of maximum 30 people
– Only approved personnel in the kitchen, checked daily for symptoms
– Gloves and facemask on kitchen personnel.
– Main house toilet not open for participants.
– Sleeping less people in each tent/room.

– All participants are asked to check temperature before leaving their country.
(If over 38 degrees C they are asked to cancel trip. We will ask EU to still pay for the trip)
– We will test all participants body temperature upon arrival.
We will use a digital ear thermometer for the ear.
If you show signs of fever = 38 degrees Celcius, you will not be able to take part in the event as regular participant.
– You will be offered to spend the week in a big military quarantine tent alone, or with other people that showed signs of sickness. You will NOT be able to come close or interact with other participants.
That would be against Swedish law.
– In the quarantine tent you will find: food, water, drinks, snacks, food. Games, board games, books, music, musical instruments, pen and paper, electricity, table, chairs. Maps of the local area and forests.
– You will be checked several times daily and food will be delivered.
– If your fever goes away, we may integrate you back to the big group.
– If you get worse – we will consult medical personnel.

Where from?

Participants from Sweden, Greece, Poland, Slovenia & Germany


All costs are covered by the EU, which afterwards reimburses up to 275 Euros (360 for Greece) for the costs of travel. This means that you will have to first pay for the travel TO and FROM Sweden yourself and upon showing the receipts be reimbursed up to 275 €
Costs that you carry are only there IF should you spend more than reimbursement covers.

It is good if the whole group from one country travels together, but not necessarily. But before you book any travels, wait for the green light from the organisers

Before or after the event, you can stop for a day in the second largest city of Sweden – Göteborg, albeit that might be harder in the post-corona time – talk to the group leader and organiser about reimbursement rules. Another option would be to go on a backpacking trip through Sweden (SW has an amazing law that says one can put up their tent anywhere but Parks, event on the private properties – the only rules being you should not disturb the owner, move the tent everyday so you don’t damage the floor too much and clean after yourself! It is completely free!) Yet that can always be done in the future years.

If you are confirmed as a participant make sure you joined into the FB group: GIMLE – interaktivt fantasy äventyr

What? – About EduLarp

The term Live Action Role Playing can be roughly explained as living a different life for a few days = it is improvisation of a fantasy character that you create in a certain world. For the few days we all become portrayers and audience simultaneously, immersing ourselves into the setting and game creating unscripted stories with our actions.
InTime (IT = playing/being your character) can last from a few hours to multiple days and can have OutTime periods (OT = when you are not playing your character).

It is an 7-day intercultural gathering in the remote nature of the ecological farm Hastekasen Gard. The official language and therefore a condition is knowledge of English language.

The project will consist of 3 days of various workshops and preparations for topics of expression, play, crafting, dance and mythology.
In the meantime you will create your own character that will belong to one of the several races or factions in the original world inspired by Lord of the Rings fantasy. LARP will last for 3 full days, followed by a day for reflection & socializing (reviewing experiences, and the many emotional and other intrigues that we had created).

The title of the event is EduLARP – Fantasy and Adventure in Swedish nature, because LARP organizers consider immersion an educational tool: the creation and exploration of imaginative roles through play can be helpful in many areas – personal growth, soft skills, expression, etc. The fact that the EU’s exchange has been approved for the fifth year in a row can give a lot to the effect and strength of the experience of the participants of the past years. Come to have fun and meet new friends, to learn about yourself, the world, the alternative style of life on an eco farm … You will surely leave more experienced and with more understanding than you arrived with.

The world of Gimle

The original world in which the game is held is based on the races from the fantasy world of Lord of the Rings with a bit of Game of Thrones vibe. It is inspired by various mythologies and vikings (Sweden is a Viking land after all) and has many religions of its own.

Based on the stories and outcomes players and organisers created in the previous years the following groups have appeared: dark & wood elves, orcs, various magical creatures, druids and the White witch Nana running Nana’s Academy, wild youngsters called Wolfs, several Viking groups, villagers of Gimleby, Saxons, delegates of the exotic Golden Empire and the noble houses of Kingdom of Westmark.

Check out more information about the setting of the game and the whole project here: (short summary)

Where to apply?

Sebastian Naslund and team

Hastekasen Farm Association


Any Questions?

Check back with Sebastina from Hastekasen Farm which is hosting the training: sebastian[at]




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