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Wir schauen zurück auf das internationale Training „Bodies of Change“ im schönen Kroatien!!

Bodies of Change is a space for creativity, art and inspirational sparks where we will share Theatre, Dance, Circus , Body Expression and other Embodied Arts methods to be used in youth work as powerful tools for developing a sense of Connection and Belonging to our communities through an Empathy-based approach. Our Training Course – Embodied Arts Laboratory is a meeting point for Embodied Arts Facilitators and Youth Workers to share ideas, approaches, techniques and experiences with colleagues working with body methods and in the field of Social Change from all over Europe.

Have a look at the reflection of the German participants:

For us the participation in the Bodies of Change course has been an opportunity to experience the diversity of cultures and narratives, arriving to the conclusion
that we all strive for the same and that we can create it.
The formal and informal structure of the program gave space for nurturing the
soul by moving the body. Moreover, that space allowed seeing the individual
as well as co-creation among the group since it was based on safety, love,
empathy and honesty. This was achieved by introducing methods of non
violent communication and practicing them daily. The variety of embodied arts
disciplines was just as challenging as intertwined, moving from the same
Further the open dialog between the youth workers and embodied arts
facilitators revealed great possibilities for adjustment and practical
implementation of the shared tools and methods to the needs of a target
Towards the end of the program a collective feeling of hope and courage has
opened the realistic perspective for future projects and networking.

With Participants from Croatia, France, Spain, Italy, Estonia, Romania, Germany, Latvia, Bulgaria or United Kingdom

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