How to find us?

  • on the road or at project spaces: many things are a-brewing in Germany, France, Spain, Palestine, Kurdistan, Turkey and elsewhere! There are currently two project spaces, one in Halle (Germany) and one near Barcelona (Spain) where you can come and visit us.
  • at our weekly events:
  • email:
    • about the cycling circus project: 2wheels4change [at] gmail [dot] com
    • for questions about our organisation: jonglirium [at] gmail [dot] com
  • tel. & whatsapp
    • tyle, Barcelona: +34 644 389 757
    • Felix, Halle +49 176 70 181 249
  • facebook: jonglirum &  2wheels4change
  • photos: 2wheels4change on Flickr
  • music: 2wheels4change on SoundClick
  • archives:
  • through the newsletter

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