2wheels4change – the Kaliningrad Projects

In 2011 & 2012 we hit the streets again. This time bringing social circus and workshops to an isolated and rural area in Russia: Kaliningrad.

This first one was the legendary circus of the cycling spoons, A trip from Berlin, Germany, through Poland and Russia all the way to Lithuania. Starting with a band of around 14 people when we came to russia where we were down to 4 due to visa restrictions. But soon enough some local folk joined us… Enjoy the video that carries the spirit of this beautifull adventure

In 2012 we sat down and did the visa for russia early enough so we could get into Kaliningrad with a big group of artists, street and social workers. And it worked… we were crowding the quiet streets of this isolated part of russia with music, circus, theater and many things in between. A huge thank you to all the people who helped and hosted us and to everyone who gave her / his heart and sweat into this project!

Dive into the Cycling Circus journey:


Both trips featured a selection of freaky self-build bikes:

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