Rolling Circus – 14 days, 40 kids, 40 bikes

It was our first time taking so many circus kids on bikes to perform all over their area – in this case south-eastern Bavaria. But what an amazing time it was! We had around 40 kids from different and sometimes tough backgrounds working together with an incredible motivation – getting to know and working together on – their social and cultural differences. Have a short look of some impressions of the camp here:

The kids chose a theme (Travelling the world on a 90° Disco-Angle) for the two weeks period and worked on sketches, acts, raps, beatbox, percussion, juggling, acrobatic performances and much more in little groups. We were very happy to have a motivated co-trainer who was participating in last years training together with a group of underage refugees. Also we want to thank for the incredible support from the Siegsdorf Community, Konis e.V., all the parants and volunteers and last but not least our crazy and amazing circus trainers!!

Have a look  at the first  week of training and rehearsing… more will follow soon.

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uuund hier ein paar Eindrücke von unterwegs:


Wir freuen uns über die Auszeichnung als “Best Practice” vom Verband Zirkus macht Stark:

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