Halle AcroConvention

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Halle Acro Convention: June 21 – June 24

Thank you everyone for a beautifull time despite the challenging weather! We will think about all the feedback and try to make it even more beautifull next time! In the meantime enjoy some impressions of the convention (Photos by Annette Stübinger)

The convention was hosted by GutAlaune, a growing artist and creative community of 10 big and 5 small humans. It’s located on the hill, just outside Halle (Saale) in Germany, right next to the river and surrounded by nature. Parts of the place are still a bit improvised but it is abundant in charm and feel-good -energy. For the training space we have a basic circus tent and two outside training spaces with longes and puzzle mats. We offer a bike-borrowing option for those who’d like to visit the nearby hills, meadows, forests or city! Sleeping – in your tent. Shower – outside. With curtains 😉


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