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Music, No Borders! 2019
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Looking back to this inspiring and beautifull project… Big thanks to everyone involved!


When: 23 August – 1 September 2019
Where: Rhoderlinder Hof, Siegsdorf (Bavaria), Germany

Age requirements: 18-30 years old
Number of participants including group coordinators: 30

As an ERASMUS+ Youth Exchange with a limit on the participating nationalities, we are currently looking only for people living in and traveling from:
– Turkey
– Kosovo
– People who have recent migrant/refugee experiences who are now living in Germany.

Join us in this exploration of songs and lyrics in different languages about migration & refugee topics. You should be able to play a musical instrument, or sing, or dance, or like to perform and to learn about music. Two final concerts will be given.   

We want to celebrate a multicultural society, using music as an easy medium to bring people to together. The region of Germany in which we will be working has recently received many refugees and would benefit from events that show positive experiences of multiculturalism.

We aim for an intensive group experience with frequent communication of needs and interests and spaces for an open and spontaneous exchange between the participants and the people we encounter. We will use morning rounds, coordinators’ meetings, informal games, intercultural nights, personal storytelling rounds, rhythm workshops, jam sessions, small- and large-group rehearsals, informal street music performances, a formal concert, the Youth Pass acredidation, and create a video documentary about the project.

The project strives to be intersectionally feminist and LGBTQI+ friendly.

We realise that many people do not have the resources or time to rehearse a musical instrument regularly, so we are are open to people who have a basic level and a lot of enthusiasm! People who do not make music but who dance or do other performances will also be considered. Some instruments are available for lending. Please tell us in the application if you cannot bring an instrument for whatever reason.

The participating assocations are:
* Jonglirium (Germany)
* SOYOP (Istanbul, Turkey)
* Gaia (Kosovo)
* Dejóvenes (Leganes-Madrid, Spain)

Each association will choose participants from their countries.  The choosen participants will be expected to meet with their local group, either physically or through internet video conferences, and prepare songs with lyrics in your country’s language(s), and a presentation for your region’s cultural night. We will teach other dances and songs and explain the literal meaning of the songs, as well as the social and political context of the songs, as we discuss topics of migration and multiculturalism.

See the videos of past projects:
2018 –
2017 –
2015 –

There is no participation fee.

Group travel will be organised through each association. If there are extraordinary costs, we will discuss how to cover them.

Accommodations and food are covered. We will take turns helping to cook for the entire group. Everyone should bring a sleeping bag and mat, as we will be sleeping on the floor with several people in each room. Showers are across the way in a high school sport hall, available in the evenings.

To apply, please complete the application form in the link below:

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